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A Return (to blogging)

A Return (to blogging)

Somewhere over the course of the last few years I found myself writing and blogging less and less. I am not sure why this is but I wanted to change all that. So much has changed and transpired that I think I became paralyzed with the fear of having to “catch up” on all that I missed covering. One thing that has remained constant has been my system of tagging things that I would like to one day…

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Aug 25

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Jul 31

Coming soon in the all-new Foursquare: Expertise -


Since the beginning of Foursquare, tips have been one of our most important and popular features. People have shared a lot of opinions – about off-menu items, the best view, free wifi codes… really about everything. It’s a great way to take your knowledge and pay it forward. Over 9 million…

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Jul 04

'merica (at Colgate Inn)

'merica (at Colgate Inn)